DaraSakor Int Airport
Cambodia DaraSakor International Airport is located on the south side of Coastal City, the Cambodia-China Comprehensive Investment and Development Pilot Zone, close to the Gulf of Thailand, and is located in the 23-square-kilometer airport and port economic zone.

The airport's overall plan is divided into four phases of development and construction. In the future, it will achieve the highest flight level 4F international airport in Cambodia, including one 3800-meter and two 3200-meter runways. DaraSakor International Airport insists on serving the development of the city, adhering to the simultaneous development of passenger and freight transportation, and building a developed and efficient "sea, land and air" integrated transportation system. Relying on the overall planning of Coastal City, the 160 square kilometers International New District and the New World Trade Zone will be developed in advance to create the cheapest duty-free shopping mall, freight logistics park, aviation academy, aviation town and other supporting projects in Southeast Asia. It is the name card of the new Cambodian city of "ecological coastal + technology and culture".

As an important hub node along the coast of Cambodia, DaraSakor International Airport will link up the coordinated development of multiple fields in the China-ASEAN region, combine the high-quality international coastal tourism resources in the region with the huge coastal potential development space, and serve the aviation hubs of Cambodia and the entire Asia-Pacific region. , To promote the economic development of coastal regions in Southeast Asia.
Safe Airport
It is an airport with a solid foundation for safe production, a complete safety guarantee system, and a stable and controllable safe operation.
Green Airport
It is an airport that achieves resource intensive conservation, low-carbon operation, and environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle.
Smart Airport
It is an airport with all production factors, data sharing, efficient collaboration, and intelligent operation.
Cultural Airport
It is to uphold people-oriented, rich cultural heritage, embody the spirit of the times and humanistic care, and create an airport with a distinctive theme and humanistic atmosphere.
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