Around the airport economic zone
The DaraSakor is adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, along the southwestern coast of the Kingdom of Cambodia, covering an area of 360 square kilometers, extending in an L shape to two wings. The coastline is about 90 kilometers long, accounting for about one-fifth of the total coastline of Cambodia and two of the high-quality coastline of Cambodia. One part, the lease term of the land is up to 2107, one third is protected land, and the construction land area is 234 square kilometers.

The plot is about 40 kilometers long from north to south, and about 6 kilometers deep; about 30 kilometers from east to west, and about 4 kilometers deep. Adjacent to the 180,000 hectares of national forest reserve, the project has the world's second largest mangrove reserve. Relying on the scarce resources of 90 kilometers of high-quality coastline, combined with the Cambodian government's ten-year development plan and the Four Corners strategy, the focus is on the development of the marine economy, and it has become a new level of growth that drives Cambodia's economy.

The Cambodian government authorizes Coastal City, as the only city operation and management party of DaraSakor that connects with the government. In the future, DaraSakor will become a regional air transportation hub in the trade markets of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and ASEAN, and an important shipping distribution center in the world's shipping landscape. At the same time, Coastal City, will use its strong industrial integration capabilities to introduce high-end functions such as tourism and vacation, business services, and technological innovation. It will realize the most complete supporting service layout in Cambodia and even Southeast Asia, and further promote the maximization of regional operation functions and the lowest operating prices.
23 square kilometers of airport zone
It is about 4km long from north to south and 6km wide from east to west. It is based on the planning concept of one core, two poles, four areas, and two towns, to achieve the development trend of transit, hub, new experience, multi-industry, and investment boom.

On the east side of the World Trade City, relying on the port, develop a business service industry oriented by headquarters economy, marine economy, and warehousing logistics

International City is on the west side, plan to develop tourism, vacation, health care, residence, leisure, business and other tourism and vacation industries
Planning distribution of airport economic zone
One Core
Aviation support sector (Airport core area)
The most comfortable travel experience, there is a shopping street that including duty-free shops, services, restaurants, cinemas, SPAs, bars, etc.
Two Poles
West side tourism development direction. East side industry and commerce development direction
Use " because of an airport remember a city " as the window of publicity and experience to introduce tourist flow to the west; use the Airport Free Trade Zone as a business incubator and introduce high-quality enterprises to the east side of the business district
Four Areas
Airport service headquarters section, Airport service bonded section. Intelligent manufacturing section, warehousing logistics section
Airline service headquarters area develops aviation enterprise office and aviation business incubation; intelligent manufacturing, new energy demonstration area, AI industrial park; warehouse logistics section establishes a transit warehousing distribution center
Two Towns
Characteristic industry section
The aviation town attracts high-end customers from Europe, America and East Asia who love to fly, and an open sky policy
Aviation Support
Construction, Operation and Management of airport apron and terminal area
Warehousing and Logistics
The transportation network of large logistics multimodal combined transportation is formed by aviation, water transportation, and highway; Establishment of transit warehousing and distribution center
Characteristic Industry
Characteristic real estate development, flight training center, research and maintenance training center
Smart Manufacturing
No-waste and zero-emission demonstration zone,New energy industry Manufacturing zone,digital creativity, digital travel, digital health, AI, etc.
Airport Zone services
Cross-border e-commerce and trade, international exhibitions and ancillary services, financial leasing, duty-free shops
The Hub
Class 4E int airport. 160 square kilometers New International Area and New World Trade Area
Investment fever
The core of coastal economic development, bringing new opportunities for economic development
Overseas purchase
Develop cross-border e-commerce and trade. "Sky Duty Free " Novelty Shopping Experience
New energy, digital creativity, digital travel, digital health, AI
New Experience
Duty-free shopping malls, cargo logistics parks, aviation schools, aviation towns and other projects
Weekend enjoyment
Development of tourism, vacation, health, housing, leisure
Air, water, and highways form a large logistics multimodal transportation network
Coastal Airport Investment Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Coastal Airport Investment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in airport investment, airport operation management, airport aviation ground support and other related businesses. It is committed to creating a 23-square-kilometer airport and port economic zone, including aviation support, warehousing and logistics, specialty industries, intelligent manufacturing, and airport aviation. Serving the five major sectors, it will develop into the core booster of Cambodia's coastal economic development in the later stage, and the gateway hub airport in Southeast Asia.
Company mission
Open your mind and set off with your dreams —— Conform to the development needs of the times, innovate and be promising, promote the development of aviation, and become the world's leading aviation service provider.
Core Business
Spinning development connect the world —— It fills the gap of Cambodia’s class 4E airport and becomes the core booster of Cambodia’s coastal economic development, bringing new opportunities for Cambodia’s aviation industry and coastal economic development.
Core value
Focus on advantages, economic pulsation —— As an important engine for industrial development and urban value enhancement, Coastal Airport Investment Co., Ltd. will devote itself to the development and growth of aviation and the take-off of regional economy, and build a new chapter of win-win development between industry and city, technology and innovation.
Growth business
Intelligent manufacturing Mature system —— No-waste and zero-emission demonstration zone,New energy industry Manufacturing zone,digital creativity, digital travel, digital health, AI, etc.
Strategic objectives
Develop markets Innovation breaks boundaries —— Efforts will be made to realize an aviation hub serving Cambodia as a whole and the entire Asia-Pacific region, and to promote the coordinated development of the coastal economy in multiple fields in the China-ASEAN region.
Characteristic industry together to build dreams —— Characteristic real estate development, flight training center, research and maintenance training center, Cross-border e-commerce and trade, international exhibitions and supporting services, warehousing and logistics, aviation security, etc.