Cambodia overview
16.5 million
About 180000 km²
Khmer, English
Riel, U.S. dollar
tropical monsoon climate
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat, also known as Angkor Temple, is located in Cambodia and is known as the national treasure of Cambodia. It is the world's largest temple building and the earliest Khmer-style building in the world. On the highest level of the pyramid-like temple, there are five pagodas, such as dice five-point plum blossoms. Four of the pagodas are smaller and have four corners. The towers are widely spaced, and the pagodas are connected to the verandas. In addition, each floor of the Vajra Altar of Mount Sumeru is surrounded by a cloister, which is a characteristic of Angkor Wat architecture.
Royal Palace of Phnom Penh
Cambodia's Phnom Penh Royal Palace is a group of buildings surrounded by golden roofs and yellow walls, including more than 20 large and small palaces such as the Zeng Chaya Hall, the Golden Hall, the Silver Hall, the Dance Music Hall, and the Treasure Hall. The carved beams and painted buildings of Zengzhaya Hall, with glazed tile roofs, echo with the glittering golden light of Polemorokot Pagoda on the left, and the scenery is magnificent. There is a treasure hall in the golden hall, dedicated to displaying treasures. Among all the buildings in the palace, the silver palace is the most magnificent. The floor is paved with more than 4,700 carved silver bricks. The main hall enshrines a 60 cm tall Buddha statue carved from a single piece of emerald. It is crystal clear and is Cambodia's national treasure. This is the holy place where the kings of all dynasties worshipped Buddha.
Wat phnom
Wat Phnom is located on the top of the mountain, and a pagoda about 30 meters high on the top of the mountain is even more majestic. Below the mountain is a small park for citizens to relax. The seven-headed snake god sculpture can be seen at the entrance, which symbolizes "good weather." In fact, this seven-headed snake god is called "Naga" Naga, which is regarded as the sacred symbol of Cambodia's national origin and the protector of the kingdom's prosperity. Wat Phnom is a landmark building in Phnom Penh and a place where locals pray for blessings. At the entrance of the temple, there is the same strong smell of incense and smoke, and there are the same devout believers, but the scenery is different from the domestic one: there are vendors selling lotus flowers for worshipping Buddha. Clusters of beautiful lotus buds waiting to be planted.
Mysterious monumentsFull-dimensional coastNational festival
Rafting in a freshwater lake, carrying a huge blue wave, the world is vast

Coastal City, has built two lakes with a total of 25 million cubic meters of freshwater landscape lakes, the lakeside is surrounded by ripples, water golf, water drum road, aroma gallery, water show and other special experiences, carrying a dream world of stars and wandering in the vast blue waves .
Coastal freshwater landscape lake
Embrace the beauty of life in the symphony of ocean waves and green crowns

The unique phenology of the subtropics and the tropics has created the "sea forest" and the wonder of mangrove ecology, and it will happily meet with the world's second largest mangrove nature reserve in DaraSakor. Oxygen breathing starts a pure and mysterious mangrove journey.
The second largest mangrove forest in the world
The pure ocean world gathers everything

179 discovered marine life species
33 species of freshwater organisms that have been discovered
Come here to experience the beauty of living in harmony with nature.
Undersea Secret Realm
Feel the charm of original nature

With 90 kilometers of Cambodia's best coastline, the sand is white and soft, suitable for all kinds of beach sports and enjoy a leisurely vacation time.
Milk powder beach
Wake up the exploration of the vast ocean

One of the world's five largest glass seawater secrets, pure and translucent tropical seawater, with a year-round water temperature of 27°, suitable for swimming, diving, sea fishing, sailing and other marine sports in the four seasons.
Glass seawater
The homeland of thousands of creatures, save a big world for the earth

Sitting on the largest virgin forest park along the coast of Cambodia-Botum Sakor National Park, covering an area of 180,000 hectares, you can enjoy a new world of original tranquility, close to mangroves and marsh wetlands, close to nature, explore and enjoy the new world of original tranquility.
Botum Sakor National Park
Clusters of green and emerald, enjoy the gift of nature

PM2.5≤6.5, negative oxygen ions in the air 16000/cm³, known as the natural oxygen bar in Southeast Asia, a health resort, let life return to nature.
Natural "Oxygen Bar" in Southeast Asia
The second largest mangrove forest in the world
Undersea Secret Realm
Milk powder beach
Glass sea water
Botum Sakor National Park
Natural "Oxygen Bar" in Southeast Asia
DaraSakor Exhibition Hall
Pastoral vacation + technology intelligence Angkor Corridor Architecture
The exhibition hall is based on the resort site, with an indoor area of 1,700 square meters, using the prototype of the Angkor Wat cross-shaped corridor to continue the ecological texture of the Cambodian region.
Mountain golf course
Cambodia's only professional standard venue for international events
The graceful undulating ridgeline, the blue waves in the lake, and the virgin forest landscape form a line, highlighting the magnificence of nature and humanity; the 18-hole course is a good place to watch exciting international events and leisure entertainment.
Marina Golf Course
Cambodia's only night-lit stadium
On the shores of the same color of water and sky, it contrasts with mangroves, milk powder beaches, and glass sea water. It has an extremely wide view and the main charm of the original nature. In every swing of the 18-hole golf course, you can enjoy the beautiful summer time.
King Island
On the tip tongue of Cambodia,, enjoy a feast of seafood gluttony
The delicious taste from 11°N latitude, 84 kinds of fishes, 63 kinds of shellfish, 32 kinds of shrimps and crabs. Selected ingredients, any combination, free cooking, experience gourmet DIY.
Seeing the beauty of the sea and sky, enjoy the indulge
Gaze at the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky, close your eyes and feel the taste of sailing on the sea quietly, and experience "the boat is on the blue waves, and the people are swimming in the painting".
Diamond Bay
All-resource coastal resort tourism complex
Wild luxury holiday, emperor's feast, BBQ on the beach, all-you-can-drink
Star enjoyment
Star Fresh Food
Star tour